I Didn’t Know Where To Turn And Now I Am Blessed With My Adorable Four-Month Old

I am forever grateful to Acubalnace. I came to Acubalance at a loss of what to do. I’d been trying to get pregnant for almost two years without luck, and was already seeing a fertility clinic. The doctor there suggested I try acupuncture to help, and Acubalance was a highly recommended clinic.

So I nervously booked an appointment. I wasn’t sure how I felt about acupuncture. My Acubalance team put me instantly at ease. They were warm and friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. They helped me figure out what natural vitamins might help and how my diet might affect my fertility; they answered my ENDLESS emails—even after work hours and on weekends. They were there for me through an unlucky etopic pregnancy—and then… yes! When I finally got pregnant too.

And now I am blessed with my adorable four-month old completely healthy and happy baby boy. I can’t express how grateful I am. I really know that acupuncture helped me have this dream come true. Xo