High FSH Of 30, Conceived Naturally With Acupuncture

Our dreams of expanding our family were crushed when we learned that I had an extremely high FSH level (30), which meant IVF was not an option for us. Devastated, I searched the Internet and found Acubalance.

Upon meeting Dr. Lorne Brown and his team, I immediately knew that I was in good hands. Dr. Brown’s expertise and caring nature gave me hope of the possibility of conceiving naturally at age 42. Dr. Brown suggested that I first make a few adjustments to my diet. As well, I began weekly acupuncture treatments and took various supplements and Chinese herbs. Dr. Brown is extremely thorough. Coinciding with my treatments, he sent me for further testing so we could see what other factors may be making conception difficult. I had my fallopian tubes checked for blockages and everything was clear. As well, I had my ovarian reserve checked. The results were not great. My ovarian reserve was borderline low.  Despite this unfortunate news, Dr. Brown reassured me that we were on the right path and that pregnancy was possible. Within two months of receiving treatments, I was pregnant. I credit Dr. Brown and his team for ‘gearing up’ my body for conception. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and baby and I are doing fabulous. I will always be grateful for the care given by the Acubalance Team. They helped my body and mind reach Optimal Health.