Fertility, Threatened Miscarriage, And Breech Baby

My story has it all fertility, threatened miscarriage, and breech baby. Over a year ago I experienced a devastating miscarriage at almost 19 weeks.  After months of testing to see if there was a reason behind the loss I was told nothing was wrong, these things happen and I was finally cleared to try to get pregnant again.  In my gut, though, I didn’t feel that I had healed and I was terrified that I would experience another loss if I did get pregnant.

I had been bleeding throughout my first pregnancy and was told this was normal for some women.  I have always experienced extremely heavy and painful periods and feared this had something to do with my loss.  When I brought this issue up with different doctors and even my midwife group they dismissed my concerns and told me that some people just have heavy periods.  I had heard that acupuncture can be beneficial to pregnancy and decided to give Acubalance a call.  I filled out the questionnaire and within the first few minutes of talking with  Dr. Ryan Funk on the phone, without my prompting, he informed me that Chinese medicine does not see heavy periods as normal and that he would be able to help me.  I was instantly relieved to find someone who I felt understood my concerns.

I began treatment, took herbs, and modified my diet and 6 weeks later [the first month my husband and I tried] I found out I was pregnant again.  Six weeks into the pregnancy I began to bleed again and I feared this pregnancy would end up like the last one.  I was told by a family doctor to prepare myself for the worst and that at 34 years of age I shouldn’t be too hopeful.  Fortunately, an ultrasound revealed that the pregnancy was still viable.  I began coming in for more regular treatments with Ryan and practiced moxibustion at home between acupuncture treatments.  Ryan was very supportive and with me every step of the way and was always available by phone or email.  I felt he was genuinely concerned about the success of the pregnancy and my health.  With the help of the treatments, the bleeding stopped and I began to feel hopeful about the pregnancy.

I continued to see Ryan throughout the pregnancy and around 34 weeks the baby was still breech with no sign of turning.  My OB began discussing the potential options [attempting a version, breech delivery, and C-section].  Knowing that all these options either pose risks for the baby or are undesirable, I again turned to Ryan for help.  I began seeing him for more regular treatments and practiced moxibustion at home to help the baby turn.  Before long, to my relief, the baby assumed the head down position. 

Several days following my due date I began having contractions and after almost 36 hours the labour had not progressed.  I again turned to Acubalance for help.  Ryan found a way to fit me into his schedule immediately and targeted points to speed the labour along.  He also instructed my husband on acupressure points that we could practice at home.  The acupuncture kicked my labour into gear and I was admitted to the hospital several hours after my appointment.

I am now the mother of a healthy newborn boy and I am certain acupuncture played a significant role in the health of this pregnancy.  I know I would not be at this point fertility, threatened miscarriage, and breech baby without Chinese medicine treatments and couldn’t be more grateful to Ryan and the Acubalance staff.