Last Week I Heard The Heartbeat Again At 14 Weeks And Started To Cry

I wanted to take this day to thank Acubalance for being such an
important part on my journey to being a mom. Last week I heard the heartbeat
again at 14 weeks and started to cry (for the 1000th time in this process).
For the first time though they were tears of joy.

I remember the times I cried in my appointments and I just want to sincerely
thank her for being so understanding and kind, for her reassurance, for her
explanations of medical jargon and most of all for letting me just cry. In
addition to the acupuncture, which I am positive gave me a precious healthy
egg, she was such a positive light every week. So thank you Acubalance, for being
you and for what you do. It is so special.