LLLT: After A Couple Of Sessions My Shoulder Was Healed

Last summer, I went to the Philippines and partook on surfing activities. After the trip, my right shoulder began to hurt from muscle strain. For four months I couldn’t raise my right shoulder and move it in certain directions without causing sharp pain. I tried various arm and shoulder stretches to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to relieve it.

Acubalance suggested I do some low-level laser therapy. After a couple of sessions my right shoulder healed completely and relieved the annoying pain I had for months. I must admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to any technological apparatuses that claim to heal. However, my experience of feeling the pain gradually diminishing because of the low-level laser therapy made me a true believer of this method. I was very surprised and pleased how effective the treatment was despite the minimal and non-invasive procedure that was done to me.

I highly recommend getting a treatment from the Acubalance team if you have any injuries. Their compassion, knowledge and expertise helped my condition drastically. The low-level laser therapy treatment they offer at Acubalance is a miracle and I am happy to know that this is available, what a blessing!