Extremely Difficult For Us To Get Pregnant!

After being on ‘the pill’ since my teenage years, my husband and I decided to finally try and have a baby. My cycles were never regular, to begin with, but after coming off the birth control pill I found that my cycles were about 4 months long! This made it extremely difficult for us to get pregnant!

I got a referral to a gynecologist who just wanted to put me on fertility drugs to get things going. Miraculously though, I got pregnant naturally after 8 months. But we found out shortly after that I have a severe bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped uterus). Many women with a bicornuate uterus go on to have relatively normal pregnancies. But not me. I also have an incompetent cervix (where the cervix dilates prematurely) which was seen but not managed by the doctor at the time. As my condition wasn’t managed properly, the cervix started to dilate when I was 5 months along which caused a severe placental abruption and we lost our baby boy.

After the loss, we consulted a fertility specialist but felt pressured into taking fertility medication so we left. A friend told me about Dr Funk at Acubalance so I decided to give acupuncture a try in an attempt to conceive naturally. Long story short, I was pregnant naturally within a month! I had fertility signs that I never had before. I felt healthy. My cycle length was down to 36 days, the shortest it has ever been in my life. 

Other than the ability to get pregnant naturally Dr Funk helped maintain my pregnancy with certain points that helped keep my cervix closed until 39 weeks! Other relaxation and stress points helped me keep my anxiety in check as a pregnancy after a loss is extremely stressful. My time at Acubalance was always very relaxing and many times I fell asleep during the session. The acupuncture along with a cervical cerclage from modern medicine helped my very high-risk pregnancy end in a full-term healthy baby girl!