Hope For Sufferers Of Endometriosis Dealing With Infertility

After several years of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, I was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis in March 2007. The doctor said that I only had a 20% chance of getting pregnant naturally but would have a better chance using assisted reproductive technology. This was very devastating news. Based on our chances, we contemplated trying IVF. They suggested that I take several medications to get my condition under control before even trying IVF. I instead decided to do some research to see if there were any holistic options available to me. That’s when I came across the website for Acubalance and decided to give them a try. I started visiting acubalance in April 2007 for my condition and infertility. The practitioners were very professional and reassuring that there was hope for sufferers of endometriosis dealing with infertility. I attended appointments and followed the treatments knowing that it may be a long road ahead due to the severity of my condition.

In 2008, there was a ray of hope as I became pregnant on my own for the first time. My husband and I were overjoyed. Unfortunately, I miscarried shortly after, and I was devastated but still held some degree of hope. I continued treatments and finally, in August 2009, I was pregnant again. Again my husband and I were excited but cautious. I followed the prescribed treatment program during my pregnancy, going to my weekly acupuncture appointments. Taking my supplements and exercising. I am proud to announce that on April 18, 2010, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 

Thank you Acubalance for all your support over the years. You all were very patient and supportive and answered any questions or concerns I had. If not for their support, I would have given up and not been able to realize my dream.