Cold Laser Gave Me My Life Back From Interstitial Cystitis

I used to struggle with interstitial cystitis (IC) and constant pelvic pain in my lower left abdomen. Cold laser gave me my life back from interstitial cystitis. I had my ovaries removed because I believed my left ovary may have been the cause of the pain and my OBGYN said it may be. The problem was the pain came back after the surgery.

I had every test possible to rule out colon issues, endometriosis, etc. I found some relief with osteopathy treatments however I was managing the pain and not eliminating it. I heard about Dr. Lorne Brown’s Bioflex cold laser at Acubalance and how this laser is effective at treating inflammation and pain as well as promoting circulation to injured tissue and cells. It made sense for me to try the laser since my osteopath was convinced my circulation in this area was poor from post-surgery scar tissue. Plus, nothing else had worked.

So, I committed to Lorne’s laser protocol for chronic conditions beginning with three times per week for 3 weeks. He told me with chronic conditions it may take up to 20 treatments but I may experience relief within 5-9 sessions. He explained cold laser therapy is safe and non-invasive. It could help with circulation in the area of my pain and regulate inflammation. The light triggers the energy inside the cell so it can heal and regenerate and wake up its innate healing abilities so after a series of laser treatments, I wouldn’t have to keep receiving treatment.

I was surprised and elated when after 7 treatments I didn’t have any recurring abdominal pain and didn’t see the need for further treatment! I feel like I have my life back and I’m excited and thankful that Lorne had the capability to bring the latest technology in health treatments to us here in Vancouver.

If you have ongoing localized pain, joint issues, headaches and neck pain, I highly recommend Lorne’s laser. I had even seen a doctor who specialized in chronic pain prior and it didn’t do a thing. Funny thing is I don’t have to understand this laser – I just needed to see the results and experience the freedom of being pain free.