Pregnant At Age 39 – Naturally

I wanted to share my good news with you!! In less than two months (due date Dec 10th, 2004), we will be expecting our new baby!!

I am pregnant at age 39 – naturally! I am very thankful for the acupuncture, Chinese herbal tea, and advice that I received from Lorne Brown. I came into Acubalance last January to “tweak” my body into optimal fertility! Through acupuncture and herbal tea, I know my body was enhanced for receiving our pregnancy. There was a possibility of miscarriage, and I know that having been at your clinic gave me a calm and proactive feeling that I was doing everything possible for a healthy baby. I also received help with my asthma and acupuncture helped in many ways. I have referred several girlfriends to you, some of that were told that their chances were slim of getting pregnant. One has a healthy 1 1/2-year-old and the other is newly pregnant! I will continue to refer anyone I know to your Clinic.

Thank you!