I’ve Wanted To Be A Parent For As Long As I Can Remember

I’ve wanted to be a parent for as long as I can remember and I’m finally in the right place and in the right relationship. I know a whole lot about fertility because I provided sexual health counseling for years. I taught women how to check their cervical mucous, chart their cycles, and take their temperatures. I knew the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and had done hundreds of pregnancy tests for others. I had no reason to believe that I wouldn’t conceive easily. But as a 33 year old lesbian, I also didn’t feel like I had years to figure it out nor the scheduling or financial means to keep trying with my long-distance sperm donor. Things needed to be well-primed so that I could conceive the “under-budget baby.”

My Journey with Acubalance

When a friend told me about Lorne, I was immediately curious. Though I knew more than most people about Western medicine with regard to fertility, Eastern health practices were unknown to me and I imagined there was a wealth of knowledge worth accessing. Well before the first planned insemination, I visited Lorne. He explained that working with me for at least three cycles was optimal and I was keen to proactively prepare my body for conception. Lorne had me drinking medicinal potions (not so tasty) and gave me acupuncture treatments. Also critical was the support he provided in determining when the right time for a trip to Toronto.

Lo and behold, I was pregnant after one attempt! And there is no way to know if Lorne’s treatment helped. But I believe that it didAnd I know that his support and incredible fertility knowledge aided me in getting the results that I was looking for. The under-budget baby was not just about a cheap conception, more importantly, it was about getting pregnant with less emotional stress, anxiety, and disappointment.

I am lucky – I know. In part because Lorne was recommended to me and I decided to check it out. I hardly ever mention fertility and getting pregnant without mentioning acupuncture now. Even if my body was ready to go before treatment, I believe that I was healthier, both physically and emotionally, and better prepared for conceiving as a result of my visits to Lorne.