I Greatly Appreciate Having You Be Part Of My IVF Journey!

Our IVF journey started July 2019. We did not have a good experience with the first fertility clinic we went to. So, then my husband and I decided to go on a trip back home to the Philippines and try getting pregnant naturally even though I knew I had half a uterus with a blocked tube. I tried native Filipino massages called “Hilot,” only to come back to Vancouver not pregnant.

2 months after arriving back to Vancouver we decided to try again. My mom told me to look into acupuncture, so I booked an appt with Dr. Lorne Brown. He helped me change my mind set. I didn’t even realize that I was carrying so much burden from my past and all the blame I was putting on myself for not being able to conceive naturally. After working on my mind set and deep breathing, I was feeling much better going in for my 2nd visit. He also put me on a supplement protocol and got me to check my Vitamin D level. Then I found out I was extremely low and had monthly Vitamin D shots until my numbers improved. He then encouraged me to get a second opinion from Dr. Hitkari from Olive Fertility. Then Covid happened, just our luck. During Covid I had my virtual appt with Dr. Hitkari and then that’s when I found out I had an underlying issue that needed to be surgically done before we can do our second embryo transfer. After surgery I continued to see Dr. Ryan Funk for acupuncture and laser. I followed the protocol he set up for me. Then we found out I was expecting. Dr. Ryan helped me throughout my pregnancy, and I always felt I had a genuine practitioner that was on my side and had my best interest. He helped me get through my first trimester hematoma and introduced me to moxa sticks to help with my posterior previa placenta. I can’t thank Dr. Funk enough for guiding me throughout my pregnancy and for giving me unbiased information which I greatly appreciate. We are grateful for finding Acubalance for they have played a valuable part in my IVF journey. 

To the entire Acubalance team Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr. Lorne Brown and Tanya…Thank you so much.