Story With A Happy Ending

Hi, Lorne:

Long time no chat. It was about two years ago that we found you and the Acubalance team. I wanted to check in with you and give you an update: our story with a happy ending! We have VERY GOOD news!! Thanks to a great friend — who became our surrogate — our baby is due in May!! My friend is 20 weeks along and we’re absolutely over-the-moon thrilled!! Obviously, there is still a good chunk of time to go, but so far so good (knock on wood).

It’s really important to us that we say “thank you” to you and your amazingly kind and supportive team (you included, of course). The baby our friend is carrying was made with Acubalance’s support. We honestly feel we would not be in this situation without you. Although we experienced many sad and disheartening times, finding Acubalance made those hard times livable… and then lead to our dreams coming true. If you don’t mind, please share our news with the gang. We’ll definitely stay in touch because I’m not sure we’re done yet. Don’t get me wrong, one child is a gift we’re forever grateful for. Nevertheless, we have renewed faith that maybe more children will come our way.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and everyone at Acubalance!! I can’t thank you enough for supporting us at the lowest point in our lives but at the same time being a part of the journey to get to our happiest point. Also, thanks for having faith in the universe when we lost ours!!