Fertility Integration in Vancouver

The other day, after weeks with my head down in medical charts, someone slid a Georgia Straight across my desk, and I came up for air with a smile on my face. With all of our efforts around the clinic to prepare for hosting the first ever Integrative Fertility Symposium here in Vancouver, I had almost forgotten to be excited about it. The article in the Straight, Fertility Gets a Boost with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, really got me thinking about all that we do here at Acubalance, all that Traditional Chinese Medicine can do, and the reasons why.

Making Your Fertility Eggcellent!

There are many different aspects of our fertility but one that I have been hearing more and more about is egg quality.  With Easter coming along bringing with it magic bunny's hiding eggs in our houses I felt it a great time to address egg quality.  I have previously blogged about a success story of a patient who conceived naturally after being diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve.


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