The Anxiety MD on Navigating and Transcending Anxiety

Our clinical director, DR. Lorne Brown was interviewed by Dr. Russell Kennedy on the AnxietyRX Podcast and Dr Kennedy was interviewed by Lorne on his Conscious Fertility Podcast.  Listen to them both below.

We have shared the podcast and transcripts below along with a few of our blogs on managing anxiety and stress.

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Welcome to another enlightening episode of the AnxietyRx podcast with Dr. Russell Kennedy!

In this episode, we meet Dr. Lorne Brown, a natural fertility practitioner with a unique blend of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical hypnotherapy.

Together, we explore the intricate relationship between physical and emotional health.

We discuss how anxiety can have a bidirectional impact on our well-being and how it’s often rooted in our subconscious programming.

Dr. Brown’s “Notice, Accept, Choose Again” approach provides a practical framework to navigate and transcend anxiety.

Join us in this transformative conversation as we discuss the importance of embracing discomfort, understanding the role of resistance, and the power of connecting with our younger wounded selves.

By addressing these aspects, we can rewire our inner narratives, and foster healing, creativity, and a shift from fear to love.