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Nourish the Soil Before you Plant the Seed

5 Ways to Maximize Your Fertility

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Olive Fertility Centre has recommended you come to this page because they prioritize your overall well-being. We understand that fertility treatments can be a challenging process, physically, financially, and emotionally.

The path to parenthood is a deeply personal and often complex journey. For many, it’s filled with anticipation, joy, and sometimes, challenges. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a beacon of hope for countless couples and individuals, but the process can be taxing both physically and emotionally.

It can take three tries for an IVF cycle to work.

Not common knowledge is that an IVF cycle is not often successful on your first try.  It takes on average 3 IVF transfers to have a take home baby.   

It is understandable why you search for other treatments to support your IVF/FET chances of success. Even more so if you have had one or more unsuccessful cycles, early miscarriages, or implantation failure from an FET cycle. We get you to want to be proactive and leave no stone unturned in optimizing your chances of success on your upcoming transfer.

The Evidence: A New Acupuncture Perspective

Recent research (Meta analysis published July 2023)  has illuminated the tangible benefits of acupuncture in IVF treatments. A systematic review and meta-analysis involving 4,757 participants found that acupuncture:

  • Increased implantation rates by 28%
  • Increased IVF clinical pregnancy rates by 33%
  • Increased live birth rates by 33%
  • Decreased the risk of biochemical pregnancies by 51%

Let’s explore this fascinating intersection of traditional healing practice and technology. Read our post … What else you can do after Unsuccessful IVF / FET Cycle?

If you are going through or have gone through an IVF – FET cycle then you likely have experienced the resulting stress and anxiety. The main reason for IVF dropout is often not financial but stress and anxiety.

Studies have demonstrated how acupuncture can help manage the stress and anxiety to support your resilience and state of mind through the IVF-FET process to get you to the take home baby.

To support you on your journey Olive has partnered with us at Acubalance Wellness Centre to provide you with resources to help you reduce your stress and optimize your fertility.

Read more info on how to naturally support your upcoming IVF/FET cycle

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Increase your chances of success by nourishing the soil before you plant the seed. Receive acupuncture and low level laser therapy in the 3 months leading up to egg retrieval and also the 3 weeks leading up to embryo transfer.

Contact us at Acubalance directly to schedule your Olive onsite IVF acupuncture treatment pre and post transfer.

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“I received a positive phone call yesterday afternoon that there was a good HCG reading.  Thank you very much for the session before the transfer. It definitely put me in an amazing mental and emotional state and made the time delay irrelevant.

“I want to thank you for our experience with you at Olive, it was amazing, I really felt that you genuinely cared. The experience post and prior was incredible and contributed to our success. I have been doing the 4-4-8 breathing technique since you told me about it along with listening to visualizations.

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