A natural gift for healing

I know acupuncturists. I have suffered from three cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, and IVF treatments. For five years of my life, I lived on and off in Los Angles to receive acupuncture from one of the best. When I came back to Vancouver, I hopped back and forth from different acupuncturists, but no one had the “it” factor. Then I found Raeghan. Raeghan’s treatments were the best since L.A. She knows how to find your Chi (energy). Beyond Raeghan’s amazing technique, I believe some people have a natural gift for healing. Raeghan is one of those people.

Thank you, Reaghan.

Thank you for helping us become pregnant

Darryl and I just wanted to write to you and say “thank you” for helping us become pregnant with our little miracle. From the time I wrote you, Lorne, and spoke to you on the phone, I felt that we were in good hands. During our first consult with the IVF clinic, we were told that due to my ovarian cysts and my husband’s male factor issues, our chances weren’t good. I needed to get those cysts removed before we would be allowed into the program. This was step one. Lorne, you helped prepare my body for surgery, and my recovery was remarkable.

It was such a relief to be treated as a whole person

When I discovered Lorne's approach at Acubalance, it was such a relief to be treated as a whole person after encountering the detachment of the Western medical approach. I had been trying to conceive for three years when I decided to try acupuncture after having some small spots of endometriosis removed. My gynecologist had told me that I had a 6-month window of opportunity to achieve pregnancy if this was the problem. I wanted to optimize my chances by visiting Acubalance.

I have a history of miscarriages

I have a history of miscarriages, having had one miscarriage attempting to conceive my first child, then another three miscarriages attempting to conceive our second child. After the last miscarriage, we found ourselves unable to conceive for over a year (which was a needed break from the miscarriages, but we were growing desperate that we would ever be able to have a second child). Quite conservative by nature and training, I did not "buy in" entirely to the powers of acupuncture, but needed a break from the medical system and figured I had nothing to lose by trying the method.

As a family doctor, I knew that the statistics indicated it would take 6-12 months for my husband and I to conceive.

I wanted to take the opportunity to prepare my body for conception and met Lorne Brown. Lorne taught me many things concerning fertility that I did not learn in medical school. I began charting my temperature, getting regular accupuncture, and taking the herbs provided by Lorne. To my surprise, we became pregnant in two months! I had an uneventful pregnancy despite long work hours and many call nights. We now have a happy, healthy one-year-old daughter.

“Karen, it’s a GIRL!!”

“Karen, it’s a GIRL!!” Those were the first words that my husband spoke when little Rachel was born into this world. She was so new to life yet she was already so many things to us: dhe is our beautiful, healthy daughter, she is her brother’s little baby sister, she is the first girl on her maternal side in 18 years, and she is our miracle. Thanks to The Acubalance Wellness Centre, we are able to experience the miracle of giving life a second time.


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