Pain and Injury Success Stories

Cold Laser gave me my life back from interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain

I used to struggle with interstitial cystitis (IC) and constant pelvic pain in my lower left abdomen. I had my ovaries removed because I believed my left ovary may have been the cause of the pain and my OBGYN said it may be. Problem was the pain came back after the surgery.

Chronic Digestive Pain, Pin Pointed and Relieved Through Acupuncture

My first visit to Acubalance was because I was struggling from chronic digestive pain with acute attacks of severe pain. Up until then, when the pain was intense, nothing helped except anesthetic. But Alda was able to help me manage the pain, as each acupuncture treatment gave me relief! She continued to support me as she referred me to a naturopath, who was able to help me finally pinpoint what food intolerances were contributing to the pain...


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