Acubalance offers customized Nutritional IV Therapy in order to help nourish our patients back to optimal health. All of our IV formulas and protocols are researched, designed, and administered by our Naturopathic Physicians. Read on to learn more about how this natural medicine modality works.

What is Nutritional IV Therapy?

Nutritional IV Therapy is a great way to support your nutritional needs and fast-track you to a state of optimal health. Our Naturopathic Physicians custom tailor each IV cocktail. They use high dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants in combinations specific to each patient and their health concerns. Over the course of 45-60mins, the nutrients are given intravenously (‘in the vein’), flooding your cellular environment and ensuring higher absorption than through the digestive tract when taking them orally.

Why Nutritional IV Therapy?

IV Bag


Benefits of IV Therapy:-

  • IV therapy is often more effective than taking oral supplements and at correcting intracellular nutrient deficiencies.
  • Intravenous (‘in the vein’) delivery method targets nutrients directly to where they are needed: the cells.
  • IVs bypass the digestive system, which is important for patients who have digestive disturbances or trouble assimilating and absorbing nutrients.
  • IV nutrients are given in therapeutic doses – often greater than the minimal requirements set out by the RDA (recommended dietary allowance), in order to reach therapeutic levels at the tissues and affect cellular function.
  • IVs are not only more effective but easier than daily oral dosing: you get a comprehensive blend in one single formulation.
  • All of our IV nutrients are preservative-free and we use only the highest quality activated forms of available components.


Who is Nutritional IV Therapy for?

Nutritional IV Therapy is for almost everyone. you’re likely a great candidate for Nutritional IV Therapy. our naturopathic physicians screen all potential IV patients for possible contraindications prior to the first visit.




What should I expect during a Nutritional IV?

Once you book an appointment and fill out our IV intake forms, our Naturopathic Physicians will tailor a vitamin drip to your specific needs and will screen you for any possible contraindications for IV therapy. Before arriving to your IV appointment, we recommend you be well hydrated and have something to eat – the better your hydration status, the easier it is to administer the therapy! And something in your stomach helps ensure you won’t get hungry during treatment.

If you’re joining us for group IV therapy (aka. TG’IV) on a Friday afternoon or Thursday morning, you’ll be set up in our studio with a small group of up to 4 other people also receiving Nutritional IV Therapy. The IV Therapy typically lasts 45-60 minutes, during which time you can relax with some meditative music, catch up with your friends, or bring your book or laptop to finish work or surf the net using our free Wi-Fi.

If you’re having an Acu-IV (acupuncture and IV administered during the same hour), we encourage you to arrive at the clinic 5 minutes before your acupuncture appointment time and get set up on the table with your heat pack as soon as your room is available. our naturopathic physicianwill set up your IV first, and then your TCM doc will come in for your acupuncture session. At the end of your visit, our naturopathic physician will take out the IV.

If you’re having a private setting IV, the process is similar to the above and provided upstairs in a private room in the clinic – the only exception is you won’t be having acupuncture during your IV.


Does Nutritional IV Therapy hurt?

Most patients tolerate Nutritional IV Therapy very well. For those who have a needle phobia, we hear you! Our naturopathic physicians use pediatric-grade butterfly needles or small catheter needles, for optimal comfort during therapy. We also provide you with a heat pack and some pillows to make things as easy and comfortable as possible.


How often should I get Nutritional IV Therapy?

different dates markedThe frequency of therapy is dependent on each individual patient case, but often patients will come for an IV once a week for a series of 6-12. The amount of IVs recommended is dependent on the condition being treated, the patient, and their plan (ie. if a patient has an upcoming IVF, we will work within the parameters of their schedule). Our natuopathic physcians will discuss your treatment plan with you.

A round of 6-12 nutritional IVs is often done once or twice per year depending on your health, lifestyle and wellness goals. Fewer IVs will occasionally be recommended, for example when a patient is fighting a cold or flu and only needs short-term support.


When can I start?

Start line

Give the Acubalance front desk a call at 604-678-8600 and let them know that you’re interested in booking in for Nutritional IV Therapy. They’ll help direct the type of appointment that works for your schedule.

We look forward to helping you move toward more optimal health using Nutritional IV Therapy to provide your cells the nourishment they need to be healthy.