The Way of the Superior Man

Ladies, you may want your men to read this...
In order to enliven her feminine core, your woman should spend time every day in absolute abandon and celebration. During these times of dancing, singing, laughter, and sheer delight, her body and mind should be totally released of any obligation to be masculine, directed, controlled, structured, or goal-oriented. These occasions are most rejuvenating when she is with other women, magnifying and...

Sperm injection overtakes traditional techniques in European fertility clinics

In 1997, the proportion of sperm injection treatments - in which sperm is injected into a female egg - compared to in vitro fertilization (IVF) across Europe, was 44%. By 2001, sperm injection accounted for 48%. The latest survey found there were more than 122,000 sperm injection treatments in Europe in 2002, compared with 113,000 IVF treatments, pushing the proportion of injection up to 52% of the total.
Experts said Wednesday there are many...

Using Chinese medicine to reverse premature fertility decline

There’s been a lot in the news lately about how female fertility declines dramatically after the women turn 35.
Of course age matters and if you’re in your 20’s or early 30’s and wondering if now’s the time to expand your family, don’t wait.
But what if you’re one of the millions of women in your late 30’s or 40’s who discovered love late or only now decided to add to your family? If you’re trying to conceive, then hearing physicians and the...

Research Shows Acupuncture May Help Prepare Pregnant Women for Labour

A new study from NICM researchers has found acupuncture may help prepare pregnant women for labour by increasing the readiness of the cervix, although more research is needed to determine if the therapy can decrease the need for medical inductions.
Induction of labour – such as membrane sweeping and the use of prostaglandins – is sometimes needed to ensure the safety of mother and baby. However, these interventions can have side effects and...

Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain

At Acbalance, we count births, not just the first positive pregnancy test. This is why we offer treatments to women in all stages of their pregnancy. The video below discusses research findings on a common complaint we usually see in the third trimester: back pain. I have to say, I like it when midwives refer or a woman self-refers herself for back pain since I feel confident we can help relieve the majority of the discomfort within about 2-4...

Prince Charles Warns of GMO Crops "disaster"

Prince Charles said the widespread use of genetically-modified crops would the "biggest disaster environmentally of all time" in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday.
The 59-year-old heir to the throne is well-known for his support of organic farming but his comments during an interview with the Daily Telegraph are his most outspoken attack yet on GMO foods.
His views will strike a chord in Britain where biotech crops have faced...

Preventive Medicine Fact and Fiction

Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 50% of all problems with infertility. It is for this reason that evaluation and treatment of the male is critical to a thorough comprehensive program for the infertile couple. Because there are many treatable, reversible, and preventable causes of male factor infertility, early evaluation and treatment is very important.
In 1994, Drs. Honig, Jarow and Lipshultz reported the incidence of...

New Study Shows Pregnancy Rates Double with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Up to 50 % of infertile couples are turning to alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help boost their chances of conceiving and managing the stress that struggling with infertility creates Health and Wellness
A recent study from the Adelaide University titled "Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Management of Female Infertility: A Systematic Review" found that that "Chinese herbal therapy...

Post Partum issues: Chinese medicine approach

Giving birth is a wonderful and rewarding experience but it is also physically demanding. It takes up to six weeks for your body to recover. Acupuncture helps to replenish and rebalance your body during this period. If postpartum symptoms persist or develop after the initial recovery period, acupuncture is particularly effective in treating the following conditions:
Insufficient breast milk production
Mastitis or blocked milk...

Point Location PC 6 (Nei Guan) - To Help Relieve Nausea and Vomiting

PC-6 (Nei Guan)
Location: On the anterior forearm, 2 cun superior to the transverse wrist crease, between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles. Commonly used for relieving nausea and vomiting