Optimizing Egg and Sperm Quality

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Guided Meditation (20 Minutes) To Elicit the Relaxation Response.

Conscious Fertility Podcast

Join Lorne Brown and his expert guests on his podcast to learn how to put the “mind” back into “mind-body”, to influence your body and autonomic nervous system, and turn on and off genes for health, longevity, and peak fertility.

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Schedule your IVF acupuncture transfer day treatment onsite at Olive Vancouver with Acubalance

Increase your chances of success by nourishing the soil before you plant the seed. Receive acupuncture and low level laser therapy in the 3 months leading up to egg retrieval and also the 3 weeks leading up to embryo transfer.

“I received a positive phone call yesterday afternoon that there was a good HCG reading.  Thank you very much for the session before the transfer. It definitely put me in an amazing mental and emotional state and made the time delay irrelevant.

“I want to thank you for our experience with you at Olive, it was amazing, I really felt that you genuinely cared. The experience post and prior was incredible and contributed to our success. I have been doing the 4-4-8 breathing technique since you told me about it along with listening to visualizations.

Meeting you where you’re at on your journey.

A common question we receive is…

“What else can I do to help improve embryo quality and getting pregnant and staying pregnant”

Yes, besides following the fertility diet, making lifestyle changes, and reducing stress levels, there are other services we offer at Acubalance to help you reach your peak fertility potential.

  • Acupuncture for fertility
  • Gua Sha and Cupping for inflammation
  • Low level laser therapy (LLLT) for fertility
  • Custom individualized Chinese herbal teas
  • Nutritional IV therapy
  • Iron Infusions
  • Conscious work with Dr Lorne Brown
  • Functional medicine testing

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