Laser (LLLT) for Endometriosis

Cold Laser Therapy also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy that uses red and infrared light to target inflamed, injured and diseased tissues. Photons of light stimulate ATP production, thereby accelerating the healing process.

In contrast to other therapies, Low-Intensity Laser Therapy is curative rather than simply modulating symptomatology.

Cold laser therapy can regulate low-grade inflammation and endometriosis.  We first learned about using the BioFlex low-level laser (LLLT) system from the book, The Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge MD. Dr. Fred Kahn shares his experience with Dr Doidge about using the cold laser on some of his endometriosis patients.

The following excerpt is from the book The Brain's Way of Healing.

"One of the neuroplasticians I described in The Brain That Changes Itself, Barbara Arrowsmith Young, had healed her many learning disorders with brain exercises, also visited Kahn. As a younger woman, she had had severe endometriosis, a condition in which the cells lining the womb grow elsewhere in the body; it can cause pain and bleeding and rendered Barbara unable to have children. Multiple surgeries for it led to the development of tremendous scarring inside her abdomen, called post-surgical adhesions. The scar tissue was so extensive that she was left with continuing pain and monthly bowel obstructions, some life-threatening. Every time the surgeons went in to fix it, the scarring got worse. She suffered for decades. Finally, a test revealed that she had a genetic abnormality that caused her to form excessive scar tissue.

With all this scarring and surgery, she developed a chronic pain syndrome, with incapacitating abdominal pain, which Michael Moskowitz and Marla Golden helped to diminish. But she was still prone to severe bowel obstructions.

Knowing that low-intensity lasers can help scar tissue heal normally, I told Barbara about Dr. Kahn. After a series of treatments, her problem, which she had been told would be permanent - radically improved. Her bowel obstructions became very infrequent, only several a year, and were less dangerous, enabling her to travel, and her pain went down.  Kahn has also achieved outstanding results treating endometriosis and was able to control it in some patients so well that they were able to cancel the surgery they had scheduled. I found it painful to realize that Barbara might have been spared multiple operations, infertility, and decades of living and fear of obstructions had lasers been better known."

Dr. Kahn was generous enough to share his laser protocol for endometriosis with us at Acubalance in Vancouver since we have several bioflex systems and we see lots of women with reproductive health issues including endometriosis and infertility.   At Acubalance we combine cold laser, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory diet, antioxidants, Chinese herbs and functional medicine to help resolve the underlying causes and symptoms associated with endometriosis.


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