Maximizing Your Fertility Potential: Empower Yourself to Navigate Your Fertility Journey

Tuesday, February 28th
6:30 PM PST to 8pm PST

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from two of Vancouver’s leading fertility experts!
Sign up now for the webinar replay with Dr. Beth Taylor of Olive Fertility and Dr. Lorne Brown of Acubalance,
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What We Will Explore?

Comprehensive understanding of fertility and how to address underlying health conditions that may affect your ability to conceive
Latest technological advancements in fertility care and information on fertility tests you may need
Learn about a holistic approach to enhance your chances of pregnancy:

~ Acupuncture
~ Low-level laser therapy
~ Nutrition
~ Supplements
~ Exercise
~ Stress management

Take control of your fertility journey and gain valuable insights


There will be time for Q&A too!!