Pain Killers Linked To Male Infertility, Are Laser Treatments A Better Option?

I've had my share of injuries and pain growing up.With multiple shoulder dislocations along with a shoulder separation, I have learned how to deal with chronic pain. I"m not the only one either. Most of my friends and patients also have a chronic injury and deal with ongoing pain. What most people don't realize that both men and women using painkillers may actually decrease their chances of conceiving.

4 Do's For Dudes Wanting To Become Dads

November is here and MOvember is in full swing, so this feels like a great time to take a look at the relationship between men's health and fertility. In this blog, we'll discuss a few key things that guys can start doing right now to improve their chances of becoming a dad. Men are often told to focus on the things they need to STOP doing, things that they need to take out of their lives.

Men Sleeping In A Quiet Bedroom Have A Greater Chance of Becoming A Father

Men looking to increase fertility can do some pretty simple things to get an edge over the average guy. Improving diet, getting regular exercise, taking vitamins and even getting more sleep can all help their chances of a healthy pregnancy. I wrote a blog a few years ago named "Good Sleep, Good Sperm, Dream Big" which discusses the importance of getting enough sleep for your fertility.  

Why is a Guys Infertility Not Treated The Same As Female Infertility?

I read a article recently discussing how we treat infertility different in men than in women. It doesn't really make any sense as male infertility is just as common, we just don't treat it that way! The article written in the huffington post was named "Infertility in Men is Just as Common as in Women It's Just Not Treated That Way"

Where Sperm Are Made and Stored - A Sperms Fertility Journey

In my work I often hear of men wanting to improve their fertility. The best way to do this is by knowing how sperm are made, formed and where this happens. This general process is better known as spermatogenesis. Once we understand the how sperm are created and where they mature we can then figure out how best to improve their function, quality and number.  

Is Your Dad Bod Keeping You From Becoming A Dad? A Guys Guide to Fertility and Weight Loss

If you have been trying to conceive for a while and have a bit of a spare tire around your midsection, you may want to think about dropping some pounds!  Many studies have shown how a woman's weight can have a negative outcome for both fertility and pregnancy. Weight also effects mens fertility.

The Guys Guide to Fertility, Simple Steps to Survive The Fertility Journey

Couples trying to conceive can easily find information on female infertility but often have more of a difficult time learning about male infertility. It takes a fair amount of digging before your able to get quality information on infertility in men. I wanted to write a simple and easy to understand guide to a guys fertility and how best to improve it. Since male infertility is found in almost 1/2 the couples trying to conceive this information needs to be made more readily available.  

Guys Are You In The 20 Percent?

I see too few men in my practice. I enjoy treating women and see great success with my fertility patients but could see more success if men were more active in the treatment process. Male factor infertility is diagnosed in approximately 40% of couples who have been trying to conceive without success.  Close to half my practice should be men, unfortunately I see about half that many.  


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