Is there a risk of discarding a tested embryo that could have resulted in a healthy baby?


It is Infertility Awareness Week during the last week of April 2019. I am posting a series of videos between now and April 30th, 2019 which will include lectures, video blogs and interviews with fertility experts including reproductive endocrinologist, reproductive urologist and my point of view as a fertility acupuncturist.


Laser fertility plus acupuncture boost IVF

I interviewed Dr. K Nakamura of Japan about his experience and success using low level laser therapy (LLLT/Photobiomodulation) plus acupuncture to increase the blastocyst rate (number of day 5 embryos) for women previously unsuccessful with IVF.  


Dr Nakamura has been collecting data for over 10 years on combining laser and acupuncture for fertility.  He has found an increase in the rate of embryos growing to day 5 when combining laser and acupuncture for 3 to 6 months. 


Black History Month: The PCOS issue

There seems to be conflicting opinions on whether or not Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is actually more common in Black women or not. I have seen some reference that it may be 8% in African-American women vs 4.8% in Caucasian women, but I have also read that there is no difference. Regardless of whether it is more prevalent or not, symptoms do manifest differently, so I feel it is worth mentioning.


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