Can You Have Too Many Antioxidants?

For anyone who took high-school biology, the word ‘mitochondria’ might ring a distant bell. In grade 9 biology, I recall learning the names and functions of all the organelles located within our cells – the nucleus, the endoplasmic reticulum, the golgi body.. – and we were taught that the mitochondria is the “energy powerhouse” of every cell in the body. Its main function is to generate ATP, which is cellular energy. And that’s all I knew.

25 Fertility Super Foods

We’re always coaching about dietary choices at Acubalance – because we know that your diet and lifestyle strongly affect the health of your egg (or sperm) cells and your likelihood of taking home a healthy baby.

The Importance of Magnesium

Magnesium is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the minerals in your body. We often overlook it in our treatment plans for women trying to conceive, but it is an incredibly powerful solution for women looking to regulate their cycles, balance their hormones, fix digestive issues, resolve headaches, get pregnant, sleep better, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Low Ovarian Reserve - Perseverance pays off with natural conception

When it comes to infertility, it often takes time to reap what you sow


It is only January , 2014 and already I have heard from a few women that are now pregnant naturally who had  beed diagnosed with low very low ovarian reserve  in early 2013 (confirmed by low AMH, high FSH, Age, antral follicle count and repeated poor IVF responses).

Why Bother With Organics?

I came across a video online this week that really puts into perspective the difference between conventionally and organically grown produce. First, watch the 2.5-minute video at the link below (created by a 3rd grader who wanted to try and sprout potatoes) and then come back here for a bit of info on the difference between organic and conventional produce.

A Delicate Balance: The Dance of Your Hormones

There is certainly no question in my mind that hormonal imbalances in the body are a major contributor to the majority of modern health concerns – including and certainly not limited to all of the reproductive conditions. It is the equilibrium, or balance, of all these hormones in relation to each other that allows our bodies to perform optimally.


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