FET study concluded acupunture points increased embryo implantation, clinical pregnancy and live birth rates

A recent study concluded  higher embryo implantation, clinical pregnancy and live birth rates in women who received transcutaneous electrical acupuncture point stimulation  prior to their frozen embryo transfer (FET).  In this study women received treatment on their abdomen and lower inner leg over 3 cycles leading up to transfer. 

Decreased miscarriage rates simply by lengthening a short follicular phase.

In Chinese medicine, we emphasize having a regular menstrual cycle as a sign of balance and optimal fertile health. This includes, not only the quality of the menstruate, but also the full length of the cycle being 27-32 days and both the follicular phase (before ovulation) and the luteal phase (after ovulation) being around 14 days respectively.  

Acubalance Founders Message

I founded Acubalance in 2001 with the dream of creating a wellness center that focuses on patient-centered care where we educate and empower every patient to engage his or her own body’s innate healing ability.

We quickly became known by 2004 as pioneering integrative fertility care in Vancouver BC.

Tips to Getting Pregnant - The Healthy Baby Approach

I have been in Chinese medicine practice since 2000 and have dedicated my practice to helping men and women with infertility who are trying to conceive their first child or add a sibling to their family

I have accumulated some knowledge and experience when it comes to reproductive health and optimizing your fertility that I want to share with you.

New Chromosomal Screening Test Improves the Chance of IVF Success

Our guest doctor on the Acubalance Blog  is Dr. Gary Nakhuda MD, FACOG from Olive Fertility Clinic on the latest in IVF technology to screen embryos before transferring them into the uterus to increase both pregnancy rates and health of the baby.  We are excited to have this new technology in British Columbia to combine with the Acubalance healthy baby approach.


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