Your Endometriosis Treatment Plan

Whether for symptom/pain management or fertility, we see quite a few patients with endometriosis at Acubalance Wellness Centre. Endometriosis, the growth of tissue similar to that of the uterine lining on areas outside of the uterus, varies quite a bit in its presentation. There can be painful periods or painful ovulation, chronic pelvic pain, painful bowel movements or urination, fatigue, digestive issues, infertility, and more. As diverse as the symptoms so are the treatment. 

Your Acubalance treatment plan for endometriosis will be personalized to your specific concerns, whether you are trying to conceive naturally, manage pain, prepare for an IVF cycle, prepare/recover from surgery, or any combination of those. Your treatment plan will include dietary and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations, referrals, laser therapy, bloodwork recommendations, or Chinese herbal formulas.

Because endometriosis is primarily an inflammatory condition, the treatment will focus on decreasing inflammation and regulating the immune system. Due to the microbiome component of endometriosis, digestion is typically addressed. The inflammation and dysbiosis may trigger hormonal imbalances (not to mention the secretion of estrogen by the endometriosis lesions themselves) which are also a priority when it comes to treating endometriosis.

Acupuncture and laser therapy are two of my favorite treatment tools for treating endometriosis. They are both great for improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, regulating the nervous system, and improving egg quality.

Your endometriosis treatment plan will include monitoring your progress so we can make sure we are getting the results we are looking for. Endometriosis is a chronic condition, meaning that we may always be managing the symptoms to some degree. The goal is to be able to let diet and lifestyle do most of the work without weekly acupuncture sessions or a laundry list of supplements. But I usually see an initial commitment to be the most effective in producing and maintaining the best results. We will monitor your progress at a consistent rate. If we aren’t getting the results we are looking for, there are always other options of things we can try. 

It’s so important to be able to trust your health care provider, whether they are your OBGYN, family doctor, or acupuncturist. It’s also important to make sure you are going to someone who has further qualifications and experience in treating your specific condition. All of the practitioners at Acubalance have further training in reproductive health and fertility, and I personally have many years of experience living with stage 3 endometriosis as well as treating it.