Whole Brain Posture For Surrendering Into The Present Moment

If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings then continue to read on for one of these simple tools to help you get into the present moment which leads to transforming negative feelings.  Here is the whole brain posture for surrendering into the present moment.

I personally use the whole brain posture and teach it to my patients as a simple tool to become present where peace of mind and creativity lives.

Practice whole brain posture to support you in surrendering to the present moment, to accepting what is.

Dr. Les Fehmi, Ph.D., in his book The Open Focus Brain, shares how when he finally stopped trying so hard and deeply accepted his failure (he had many unsuccessful attempts of moving his brainwaves into Alpha known for their detached relaxation and healing potential), the EEG he was hooked up to registered high-Alpha amplitude production.  As he stated, “I had been trying too hard and didn’t know it.  By surrendering I had slipped into Alpha – the alert, wakeful relaxation that had eluded me”

If you are feeling alarmed, overwhelmed, inadequate, etc… 

Seated or laying down, take the whole brain position and repeat the following statements to yourself with eyes closed until you feel a shift mentally, physically, or emotionally and then open your eyes.  

I accept myself as the person who is feeling _______________________.

Fill in the blank with one of the feelings. (Eg. overwhelmed, inadequate, afraid, not good enough)


I accept myself as the person whose thinking thinks _______________________.

Fill in the blank with one of the appropriate judgments you have about yourself. (E.g. no one likes me, I am treated unfairly, I am a failure, etc. )

In chapter 10 of The Power of Now by Echarte Tolle, he says when you surrender to the present moment suffering cannot exist at the moment (only in your thinking of the past and future) and you access your creativity in the present too.   

He suggests three choices you have when you are in a situation and you surrender to the present moment

  1. Change or improve the situation
  2. Remove yourself from the situation 
  3. Accept it (surrender)

Byron Katie did her “thesis” on Loving What is (# 3 of Accepting) 

Notice there is no mention of judgment, blame, or being a victim.

And remember surrender is a form of the following that you probably have heard of before:

  • Not to be attached to form and outcome
  • Letting go
  • Attention without tension
  • Intention not attention
  • Get out of your own way

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Energy psychology tools

  • Hypnosis
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Psych K
  • Bengtson Energy healing Method 
  • Heart-brain coherence

In health,

Dr Lorne Brown