What Can You Do to Improve Egg and Embryo Quality

I sat down with Dr. Paul Magarelli of CNY Colorado to ask him what he is doing for his IVF patients to help improve embryo quality and IVF success. These tips can be used for those of you TTC naturally or through medicated cycles like IVF.

I have shared a timestamp below of what we discussed in our interview.   

The good news is there are steps you can take now to help you optimize both egg and sperm quality which can lead to embryo quality.

Below the video, I share some resources for you to review about how you can optimize embryo quality.

Time Stamping – Can you improve egg/embryo quality?

0:00 – 0:41 – Introduction of Dr. Paul Magarelli by Dr. Lorne Brown

0:42 – 4:11 – Dr. Paul Magarelli’s medical background and his fertility training

4:12 – 5:35 – Dr. Magarelli’s research on acupuncture & IVF and why it can lead to increased pregnancy rates.

5:36 – 11:38 – How we can improve Egg/embryo quality 

11:39 – 17:19 – Discussing the dietary and supplement resources that Paul Magrelli is using at CNY Colorado Fertility

17:20 – 26:37 – Acupuncture and herbal medicine approach that Paul Magarelli is using at CNY Fertility

26:38 – 32:45 – The role of the male/sperm and how it impacts embryo quality, implantation failure, and miscarriages

32:46 – 34:16 – A normal semen analysis does not necessarily equate to being fertile. What else men can do to increase pregnancy rates and reduce miscarriage?

34:17 – 36:11 – Healthy body is a fertile body

36:12 – 40:13 – The importance of the egg’s mitochondria for embryo quality, implantation, and live birth. Using diet, supplements, lifestyle, acupuncture, and laser for fertility to optimize egg & sperm quality.