Top 5 Reasons Why Manifesting May Not be Working for You

Top 5 Reasons Why Manifesting May Not be Working for You

Before we discuss why manifesting may not be working for you it is important to review what are the key steps in the manifestation process.

6 Steps for Mastering Manifestation

1. Quiet Body and Mind & come from a place of gratitude and appreciation

2. Clearly set your intentions/desires

3. Add an emotional charge

4. Clear/transform subconscious limiting beliefs/programs – Remove resistance

5. Again, Come from a place of gratitude and appreciation. Believe as if you have it already. 

6. Get out of your own way. Not attached to form an outcome

Follow this link to our Conscious Work page and then scroll to bottom to watch a video going into detail the 6 step process for manifesting listed above.

Top 5 Reasons Why Manifesting May Not be Working for You:

1. Doing it incorrectly

  • The steps are simple but not necessarily easy. It takes practice and rehearsal to master each step.

2. The goal is not clearly set and defined.

  • You are not clear on why you want it. This is a key reason why it may not be working.

3. It is not what you really want. It is what you think others or society want for you.

4. Unconscious limiting beliefs and programs interfering.

  • Fear of failure, not worthy or deserving, not enough, fear of rejection

5. Focusing on the “How to Achieve” instead of focusing on from the end in mind, as already having what you want. 

  • You get to decide what you want but you do not get to decide how you get it. If you start worrying about how you are going to manifest instead of what you are manifesting then you have left the realm of the creative power of the subconscious.

We also included an article related to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You are the Placebo, as it also can help support your manifestation process.