The Best Time To Get Acupuncture For Fertility

Acupuncture is an effective modality for the treatment of infertility. One of the most common questions I have been asked is When is the best time to get Acupuncture forfertility?

This question is dependent on several variables before it can be properly answered. Acupuncture for men, women, natural cycles versus IVF cycles …. all have different suggestions on what’s the best time frame for having acupuncture for optimal results.  

When Is The Best Time for A Guy To Get Acupuncture To Boosting Fertility?

The production of sperm takes up to 3 months so having acupuncture for this duration of time is a good rule of thumb. I have seen men do semen analysis within a month of starting treatment and they see significant improvements. I have also treated men who have done treatment for 6 months and the improvement doesn’t stop. Improvement doesn’t stop at 3 months. In this case, a man’s semen analysis started out so poor it was only viable for ICSI but by 6 months he had reached normal levels. Month by month he kept seeing improvements well past the 3-month period of sperm production.  

In almost all cases with male fertility, I combine acupuncture along with some basic supplements, and dietary and lifestyle changes. When following the treatment plan and seeing improvements they will likely retain the boost to their fertility even after stopping acupuncture.

When Is The Best Time For a Woman To Get Acupuncture When Trying Naturally or With IVF?

Similar to men there is a recruitment period where eggs mature for several months leading up to ovulation. Having Acupuncture during this maturation period (often described as a 3-month time frame) can improve a woman’s fertility.  

For a specific amount of acupuncture to be recommended, there are so many scenarios that would have different answers. IVF, FET, Donor Egg, Naturally trying, PCOS, POR (poor or diminished ovarian reserve), Endometriosis …  All these conditions may change or alter our recommended treatment duration with Acupuncture.  

When looking into the best time to get acupuncture for your fertility it’s best not to wait too long. It’s optimal to come early and start treatment before we get too close to a specific event such as IVF. Although we can often see results in a matter of weeks with acupuncture, women who come for several months will notice a bigger improvement.