Tapping (EFT) for Fertility with Michelle McCosker

In this episode we will engage in a compelling discussion with Michelle McCosker, a seasoned EFT practitioner and naturopath, exploring the transformative benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in the context of fertility. Together, we will unravel the stress-reducing power of EFT, shedding light on its ability to alleviate the emotional toll of fertility struggles. Michelle shares her expertise, drawing from research trials that showcase how EFT positively influences cortisol levels, heart rate variability, and even brain activity, offering tangible improvements in quality of life for individuals on their fertility journey.

Discover the profound link between chronic stress, negative emotions, and their impact on physical health. Learn how EFT serves as a catalyst for identifying and releasing past traumas, fostering a journey of transformation from fear, guilt, and shame to self-worth, self-love, and a profound sense of safety. Join us for this enlightening conversation that explores the holistic role of EFT in conscious fertility.

Key Notes

  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Fertility.
  • Physiological Impact of EFT.
  • Negative Emotions and Their Impact on Physical Health
  • Healing Past Traumas with EFT.
  • How EFT and Conscious Work Support the Fertility Journey.

Michelle worked her way up to a successful career in the finance industry straight out of high school for 16 years.  Her passion for health was sparked when she first visited a Naturopath, 24 years ago, for help with a constant sniffle and endometriosis.  It was the benefit and huge improvement that she experienced from the Naturopathic treatment that sparked the fire to help others.  11 years later she took a huge leap of faith and left the finance industry to study a Bachelor of Health Science full time, work part time and raise her son.

Working as a Naturopath for 13 years brought to her attention there was a missing piece to the puzzle.  Herbs and nutrients could support the nervous system but they could not resolve the emotional charge from negative experiences for her clients – she wanted to do more for her clients.

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