Recipes for Longevity, Better Skin, and Weight Loss

Acubalance Longevity Diet: Basic Principles and Recipes

In our practice at Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver, BC, we help patients manage and reverse a number of different health conditions.  From infertility to menopausal symptoms, to autoimmune diseases and chronic pain, the ‘chief complaint’ may vary from person to person, but our approach is the same: we always strive to identify and reverse the underlying root cause of their concerns and provide the body with what it needs to heal itself. 

As naturopathic physicians and doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our systems of medicine recognize this incredible self-healing capacity in each of our patients.  It is always our goal to see past the label of a condition, to reverse the underlying cause of imbalance or disease, and let the body do what it was designed to do: feel vital in every aspect of life.

Once we have identified imbalances in our patients, we use the modalities of our medicine to help guide the body in the right direction.  In every single case, we discuss the fundamentals of vital health first, followed by adding therapies like acupuncture, laser therapy, supplements, or nutritional IVs. The reason we do things in this order is simple: the foundations of vital health are foundational for a reason – there is no supplement, herb, or acupuncture point that can make up for a poor foundation.  Diet is one of these foundations (the others are movement, sleep, rest, stress reduction, and community).

We find that as a therapeutic agent, diet is often dismissed.  It’s so simple that our patients sometimes have a hard time understanding how it can be so powerful. 

But we have growing evidence that supports the power of dietary interventions for shaping overall health and promoting longevity. That’s why we’ve written this booklet. We want you to intimately understand the importance of a healthy diet, and the details of what that looks like, and support you in actively making a change to the foods you’re choosing to consume. 

Changing our food is challenging

There is more to it than just calorie counts and nutrient density, as we all have emotional relationships with our food that can be traced back to childhood. 

The more support you have from your doctor, your acupuncturist, your family, and friends, the easier it is.  The more information you have on its importance, the more motivated you are to change.  And the longer you’ve been actively making changes, eating like this becomes like second nature.

Biological Age X Chronological Age

One of the goals of the Acubalance Longevity Diet is to support a match between your chronological age (the number of birthdays you’ve had) and your biological age (the age at which your cells are operating).  In many of our patients dealing with chronic disease, they present with a biological age much older than their chronological age.  When the foundations of health are off – and inflammation, blood sugar balance, sleep, movement, and stress are dysfunctional – it accelerates biological aging.  When we set up the foundations of vital health properly, patients enjoy not only an improvement in their symptoms of chronic disease but also enjoy a longer health span.

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