Low-Level Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain – A Success Story

We have been using the Bioflex Low-Level Laser Therapy system here at Acubalance for quite some time now, however, I am always still amazed every time I witness its incredible healing results.

Low-Level Laser Therapy is a system designed to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance tissue healing, both in hard and soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and bones. It increases the oxygenation of tissues and allows injured or damaged cells to absorb photons of light, speeding up the healing process by increasing cellular mitochondrial ATP production.

Below is one of the many success stories I’ve heard from patients who have benefited from our low-level laser therapy treatments.

“Last summer, I went to the Philippines and partook in surfing activities. After the trip, my right shoulder began to hurt from muscle strain. For four months I couldn’t raise my right shoulder and move it in certain directions without causing sharp pain. I tried various arm and shoulder stretches to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to relieve it.

It was suggested I do some low-level laser therapy. After a couple of sessions, my right shoulder healed completely and relieved the annoying pain I had for months. I must admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to any technological apparatuses that claim to heal. However, my experience of feeling the pain gradually diminishing because of the low-level laser therapy made me a true believer in this method. I was very surprised and pleased how effective the treatment was despite the minimal and non-invasive procedure that was done for me.

I highly recommend getting treatment with laser if you have any injuries. Their compassion, knowledge, and expertise helped my condition drastically. The low-level laser therapy treatment they offer at Acubalance is a miracle and I am happy to know that this is available, what a blessing!”