Improving Sperm Health; Top Reasons Why People Aren’t Seeking Treatment and Why They Should

I’m not going to lie, we’re always a little disappointed at the lack of men in the schedule.

An embryo is 50/50 sperm and egg. Even if there is a known egg or uterine factor to infertility, sperm is still bringing 50% of the genes to the table.

Despite popular belief, sperm quality does not pass or fail. This notion that we can completely ignore the crucial part of sperm in the reproductive process because it is ‘in range’, is frankly insulting in my opinion. The better the sperm is, the more likely that the sperm will reach the egg, and when a sperm does, a healthy embryo can be achieved. And as we all know, the healthier the embryo, the better chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

So I started asking myself, why aren’t people flocking to us so that they can improve their sperm quality, quantity, and overall health?

Here’s what the team came up with: 

1. They don’t know the benefits: 

Benefits to treatment:

The chance to have brag-able semen parameters. 

The chance to feel good during what can be an incredibly trying time.

A chance for self-care (which is so often missed) 

A chance to work on other complaints at the same time. (Like that old injury, bad digestion, insomnia, or stress)

2. They may not know what to expect from a treatment: 

Treatments include:

A health audit, Acupuncture, supplement review and suggestions, Chinese herbal formula (if necessary), lifestyle tips, and a chance to take a mid-day nap!

3. They may ‘not want to talk about it’.

Don’t want to talk about feelings? That’s okay. The great thing about Acupuncture is that it is non-verbal. It works whether people tell me their feelings or not.

4. They think they have to ‘believe in acupuncture’, or at least understand it.

Not a ‘believer’? Acupuncture works whether you understand or believe in it. We welcome questions about acupuncture in general, as well as how we are customizing the treatment for each individual case. 

5. Scared of needles? 

Most patients express some level of fear around needles. Luckily practitoners needling style is about as gentle as it comes. I want people to relax during their treatment, and luckily, most do.

So there you have it! No excuse 😉