How to Stop Ringing in Your Ears From Tinnitus

If you have ringing in your ears (tinnitus) then we need to talk.

I think the acupuncture treatment my colleague shared with me from Toronto has the potential to help those in my Vancouver community to get some well-deserved peace & quiet. 

I have been asking my patients if they have any friends or family with tinnitus and to send them my way..

First, I need to give you the backstory. 

Two weeks ago, my son (age 16) was watching the BC Lions football game. At the end of the game, we were all chatting and it was apparent that the left side of his mouth was drooping when he spoke, and that he seemed to have sudden facial paralysis.

I will spare you the details of the two trips to Emergency (10 hours on a Sunday and 11 hours two days later on Tuesday). The healthcare system is overworked and heavily taxed, so do your best to stay healthy! Big gratitude and admiration to the physicians, and nurses we saw who have to work in this troubled medical system.  

Over the course of the two days, we consulted with neurologists, pediatricians, infectious disease specialists, and ER docs. They concluded it was not a brain issue which gave us HUGE relief as we were worried about stroke, tumor, damage from a neck adjustment 48 hours earlier, and his use of heavy weights on his neck/shoulders when he squats.  

They diagnosed him with Bell’s Palsy and they are still not sure of the cause. Initially, they suspected it could have been Lyme Disease, herpes simplex virus or covid. He eventually tested negative for Lyme, had no lesions in the ear or mouth, and no pain either so they could not confirm the herpes virus. So unknown cause. Fast forward two weeks after a course of acupuncture treatments, steroids and photobiomodulation and he is doing remarkably well.

Back to how this all connects to me talking about tinnitus.  

When my son was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, I consulted with my colleague, Poney Chiang (Toronto), who has a deep knowledge of both classical acupuncture and neuroanatomy. As it would happen, he was scheduled to give a talk on facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy and stroke the following week, so I knew it was perfect timing for me to consult with him for my son.

I was fortunate enough to get his lecture in advance and he also shared with me his slides and video demonstrations which are now available to my colleagues on the Healthy Seminars Community Library.

Over the following week, I was amazed to see how well the almost daily acupuncture + photobiomodulation treatments worked I provided to my son.  I could see his paralyzed muscles move and gently twitch during my acupuncture treatments and he is now over 95% recovered. Only those of us who look hard at his face can notice the remaining 5%, others do not.  I am hopeful in the coming days he will be at 100%.

Many great discoveries are made by accident and that is the case for treating tinnitus.

Some of the acupuncture points for Bell’s Palsy, when inserted correctly, can impact the nerves going to the ear that innervate the inner ear muscles and bones which impact hearing, and in this case tinnitus.

Poney shared in his lecture how one of his students attending his workshop happened to be somebody who had suffered from tinnitus for 15 years.  When they were receiving the Bells’ Palsy acupuncture treatment as part of the hands-on practice, they noticed that their tinnitus immediately disappeared.

The longest duration of tinnitus Poney has been able to help had ringing in their ears for 35 years!

I am excited and interested to put into practice what I have learned and hopefully witness improvements or complete resolutions of my patients who suffer from ringing in the ears. If you have tried acupuncture in the past, even from us for tinnitus, please come back as we have a new approach for you.

So if you or a friend have ringing in the ears (diagnosed with tinnitus or Meniere’s disease) or facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy then I would be interested in you seeing us at Acubalance.