Avoid These Fats & Oils When Eating for Fertility

Eat Healthy Fats when Eating for Fertility!

Watch our video to learn how to avoid these fats & oils when eating for fertility. Cholesterol in healthy fats is what the building blocks our reproductive hormones are made from, so ensuring you’re getting enough will ensure your body is getting all the resources it needs for sufficient hormone production. Healthy fats are also great for stabilizing blood sugar (high blood sugar is another hormone disruptor). So load up on avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olives, egg yolks, olive oil, and all the other delicious healthy fats you can.

Good vs Bad: fats and oils, eating for fertility – Acubalance Fertility Diet Book & Recipes

You can download a copy of the Acubalance Fertility Diet Book with recipes from the Acubalance website’s home page to learn how to avoid certain fats & oils when eating for fertility.