Acupuncture Increases IUI And IVF Pregnancy Rates

Tracy Malone ND shared her latest data soon to be published on how her integrative fertility group looked at 10 years of data of women going through IUI and IVF cycles using an integrative fertility approach

The integrative care consisted of conventional fertility workups and treatments by medical doctors plus naturopathic medicine and/or acupuncture.

The women receiving a series of 3 or more acupuncture sessions in a cycle and before and after IUI or IVF transfer has the best increase in pregnancy rates compared to just conventional treatments alone.

I had the privilege to chair the 2021 Integrative Fertility Symposium and moderate Dr. Malone’s presentation to a large group of fertility experts from around the world. After her presentation, I was given the opportunity to interview her research to share with the public which is below.