3 Key Essentials Needed for a good Laser Treatment.

Low level laser therapy (also known as cold laser, LLLT, or photobiomodulation) is slowly becoming more and more of a common treatment option. But like many popularized treatment modalities, with the proliferation of ideas and technology comes a saturated market. However there are three things that make laser therapy effective that are absolutely non negotiable to keep in mind when looking for a laser specialist.

The first thing is a good laser. There are dozens of different brands of laser systems on the market currently, so making sure you are getting treatments from a powerful and effective one is incredibly important. The lasers must have both red and infrared light and be within a very specific wavelength and produce a certain amount of Joules (power in light form) to be effective. The proper established wavelength, joules, nanometers, and hertz of the laser system can make or break a treatment, and at Acubalance, we’ve studied laser therapy for over a year before deciding which laser system to use, and now because of popular demand, we have twelve of them!

The second key to a great laser treatment is skill. Every tool and treatment we offer at Acubalance is highly vetted before establishing as part of our toolbox. And even when we add a technique to our repertoire we are always learning more and more about it, whether it’s pouring over clinical case studies, attending weekend learning seminars, or speaking to laser professionals from all over the world. Which brings me to the second requirement of a great laser treatment: skill. We’ve treated many different kinds of conditions with laser therapy and have even created our own protocol for fertility and gynecological concerns. We’ve had great results treating pinched nerves, foot pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and so much more! 

Number three is dosage matters. Anyone can buy and use a laser but understanding it’s scientific mechanisms, proper dosage, and frequency of treatments is required for the best and fastest results. We even have the ability to customize protocols depending on your individual response to the laser to improve its effectiveness. One of the most important factors for great laser treatments is knowing the exact frequency of treatments required, since proper dosage is crucial for pain relief. I once had a patient come to me with ankle pain insistent that laser therapy didn’t work for him. When I questioned him further it was obvious to me the reason why it appeared to be ineffective was the lack of proper initial dosage! He obtained once per week treatments over a span of six weeks with little results. When he came to Acubalance we advised six treatments over a span of three weeks and noticed significant reduction in pain, inflammation, and swelling. You can have the best laser and a skilled practitioner and still miss out if the proper dosage isn’t initially obtained. To kick start the healing process, three treatments per week for the first two to three weeks is key to obtaining effective and lasting results.

Laser therapy is becoming more popular and well known but remember the 3 key essentials because your results depend on them. We’ve seen our laser systems provide relief for a variety of pain and injuries as well as reproductive health issues like PCOS, endometriosis and fertility.