100 Days To Your Peak Fertility Potential

Reach Your Peak Fertile Potential with Pro-Active Preconception Care. Here are some recommendations we make at Acubalance Vancouver.

Did you know that the most important time to optimize your fertility (and that of your male partner if you have one) is during the 100 days before conception occurs?

Your wait time for your IVF clinic appointment is a great opportunity to get your mind and body in the best shape to conceive a baby whether TTC naturally or with IVF.

We now know that the egg that is selected to ovulate each month is recruited three to four months before ovulation. The environment in which your eggs grow and mature during this crucial period can impact your fertility and the future health of your child.

Your eggs need proper blood flow, oxygenation, balanced hormones and specific nutrients in order to reach their peak fertility potential.

It’s about the guys too! Increasingly scientific studies are also showing how important healthy sperm is for optimizing the chances of conception and of having a healthy baby whether you conceive naturally, with IUI, or IVF.  

Studies have shown that improvements in diet, lifestyle, environment, and blood flow to the reproductive organs can improve egg quality in women and sperm quantity in men.


Acubalance’s onsite laser acupuncture treatment protocol at Olive Fertility Clinic on IVF transfer day for Comprehensive Chromosome Screened (CCS) embryos had a higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate than those that did not receive Acubalance treatments on-site at Olive Fertility.

  • All transferred embryos were chromosomally tested to be normal.  We were looking to see if the Acubalance protocol helped with uterine receptivity and implantation.  Olive did a retrospective analysis for the period January 2016 to March 2018 of FET transfers that were screened for normal chromosomes.  They compared those who had onsite Acubalance laser acupuncture to those who did not.  Patients did better (increase pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates) with the Acubalance onsite IVF laser acupuncture treatments than without for chromosomally normal transferred Frozen embryos.  The women who received 7 or more acupuncture treatments before transfer day plus acupuncture and laser acupuncture on transfer day had the highest pregnancy rate.

Natural Ways to Optimize your Fertility 

  1. Diet & nutrition
  2. IV nutrient drips
  3. Lifestyle (moderate exercise, adequate rest, and sufficient deep sleep)
  4. Stress reduction & mind-body tools
  5. Community (connections with family, friends, co-workers, and most importantly, yourself)
  6. Acupuncture and laser (LLLT) acupuncture for fertility


There is extensive research showing that acupuncture can help reduce stress and release feel-good endorphins, regulate your menstrual cycle and improve blood flow to the ovaries, uterus, and endometrial lining. We recommend that you begin acupuncture prior to your first appointment for the best outcome.  Acupuncture is available through Acubalance during stimulation and on Transfer day onsite at Olive for your convenience.

Laser Acupuncture for Fertility
Acubalance Wellness Centre (acubalance.ca) is the first natural fertility clinic in Vancouver British Columbia to offer patients this clinically-tested system that uses cold laser to stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs and enhance cellular energy production. The cold laser treatment is particularly promising for couples coping with aging-related reproductive problems. Read more on Laser acupuncture for fertility >>


A healthy body weight is essential for optimal fertility for both men and women. A Body Mass Index (BMI) that is either too high or too low can reduce your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy.  The Acubalance Health team can customize weight management strategies to help you achieve your fertility goals, and give our future generation a healthy start to life. 


A Harvard-based study has shown that diet can significantly impact hormone balance, egg and sperm quality, and conception rates. Improving your lifestyle habits and following a fertility-friendly diet can improve the quality of embryos and increase your chances of conceiving naturally or with IVF. Acubalance has developed a Fertility Diet, based on Harvard research, that can help you get your body in the best state to conceive. 

Video:  Nourish the Soil Before You Plant the Seed.

Dr. Lorne Brown, Acubalance’s clinical director here in Vancouver, discusses optimizing fertility and what men and women can do to reach their peak fertility potential using natural methods.

Poor Embryo Development. Maybe It’s Him.

Dr. Paul Turek, the reproductive urologist, shares how poor embryo development can be related to the guy in about 50% of cases.  And how diet, lifestyle, and a good antioxidant supplement can help with sperm DNA fragmentation.

Remember; Be proactive and use the 3 months preconception period to your advantage to reach your peak fertility potential.  Make it Count!