1 Daily Habit Men Do That Increases Miscarriage Rates By 73%

I’m a big believer that the little things we do on a daily basis can make a massive impact on our health. This is true in all aspects of our health including fertility. I recently saw a post from Olive Fertility on male fertility and how 1 thing in a man’s diet can significantly impact miscarriage rates.  

The study they refer to was a large, well-designed study from the United States. It looked at couples trying to conceive and lifestyle choices that impacted pregnancies. The study found that men who consumed more than 200mg of caffeine per day increased the chances of their wives losing the pregnancy. Miscarriage rates were 73% higher with men drinking these high levels of caffeine.  

I mention the group of “high” caffeine intake being above 200mg per day. So what does that really mean, how much is 200 mg?  A cup of coffee is approximately 150 mg of caffeine while a cup of green tea will have less than half that amount at about 35mg. Black tea will have around 50 mg so significantly less than coffee yet more than green tea. Here’s a link to an interesting chart to see the differing amounts of caffeine in different types of tea and coffee.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Just as things can be detrimental to male fertility there are things which can protect and boost male fertility. Last year I blogged about 1 thing which improves male fertility. You can read about it HERE

At Acubalance we do an in-depth consultation with all our male patients. We create a specific treatment plan for them looking into their lifestyle and diet routines. We suggest specific changes in these areas that can create a massive change in their health and chances of a healthy pregnancy. Combining these lifestyle adjustments with treatment here at Acubalance offers a significant boost to a man’s fertility.  

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Dr Ryan Funk