Our Approach

You’ve decided you want to have a child; this should be the most exciting time of your life! But if you’re struggling to get pregnant or have had repeated pregnancy loss, you may be feeling confused and alone. Fortunately, Acubalance is here for you.

Acubalance is BC’s leading natural reproductive wellness clinic, specializing in integrated care for fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health. Since 2002, we have been helping women and couples conceive and produce healthy babies. Working hand-in-hand with you and your fertility specialist, we help you navigate your fertility journey and support you in choosing your best treatment options.

Our unique approach starts with an in-depth evaluation to uncover any underlying factors that may be preventing you from conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with high FSH or as an IVF “poor responder,” had frequent miscarriages, or suffered unexplained infertility, we want to discover why.

Many factors can disrupt the delicate hormone balance required for ovulation, conception, implantation, and maintaining a pregnancy, such as low vitamin D levels, thyroid imbalance, weight, and environmental toxins. Identifying and correcting the underlying condition can restore your body to its fertile zone and can greatly enhance your chances of achieving pregnancy naturally or combined with IVF.

We also offer naturopathic consults.  Click here to learn what to expect from a naturopathic consult

Dr. Kali MacIsaac has both a general practice and fertility practice at Acubalance, and she has a special interest in digestive health, environmental health, and anti-aging.  She will be offering the following:

- Functional in-office lab testing to assess the health of your body as an 'environment' where your cells live;

- Comprehensive alternative lab testing to discover why you're experiencing poor health or are sub-fertile;

- Natural treatment methods to re-balance your body for optimal fertility;

- Natural medicine to strengthen your immune system for the coming flu season and beyond;

- IV therapy

- Natural weight management and anti-aging strategies

- Lifestyle and mindfulness coaching, stress management, and more

Call and book your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with any one of our Acubalance practitioners to find out more about how we can help you.