What Your DNA Test Tells You

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Dr Lorne Brown interviews Dr Robyn Murphy, they discuss the breakdown of what the DNA test says about you and how you can influence your genes (epigenetics) to play a big role in your personal response to medications, nutritional and lifestyle factors, and cannabis. DNA testing is available at Acubalance Wellness Ventre Vancouver.

Start - Understanding genetic testing

3:07mins - The 8 different sections with DNA labs

10:30mins - Addressing genetic testing in women's health

15:56mins - The benefits of DNA labs in clinical practice

17:46mins - How you can benefit from genetic testing to maintain health, or to get healthier

21:15mins - Addressing genetic testing in fibroid and endometriosis

25:08mins - Addressing genetic testing in infertility

30:54mins - MTHFR

35:36mins - Explaining nutrigenomic and lifestyle genomics