Body Scan - Live presentation June 12 2019

Lorne Brown
Acubalance Podcast


A body scan is an excellent way to elicit the relaxation response to free up energy and resources for healing, repair and creativity.   Remember, the first few times you do a body scan you will be using your conscious mind and with practice you will be able to do this in 5 seconds and even instantly once you master it and it becomes part of cellular memory (subconscious).   For those who do Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations, when he says relax or relax your body at the very beginning, I do the body scan in about 5 seconds. I invite you do the same.   Again, it requires practicing it, so by your 10th  body  scan you aim for 30 seconds and then speed it up even more on future practices.  The key is to take enouygh time for your body to relax.


We are offering my recoding of what we did on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019.  This is actually faster than we prefer do for the first time if a one on one session, but it is what I currently have recorded so if you want to listen to what we did.  Not a clean professional recording so please do not share it.  I will make a better one in the very near future.


And if you have read it yet, here is my post on surrender and whole brain posture.