Acupuncture's Ability to Regulate the Body's Stress Hormones to Improve IVF Outcomes

Dr. Paul Magarelli
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CBC Radio - October 4, 2010

Dr. Paul Magarelli, MD, PhD,  was interviewed on the B.C. Almanac Radio show with host Mark Forsyth. Dr. Magarelli discusses why some celebrities, such as Celion Dion, have benefited from acupuncture after having repeated IVF failures.

"We’ve suspected that stress affects fertility for a long time," says Dr. Magarelli. “What’s new about our study is that it indicates acupuncture may positively adjust the levels of the stress hormones Cortisol and Prolactin during the stimulation phase of IVF. In other words, acupuncture 'corrects' for the negative changes and brings a woman's body into balance, optimizing  the chances of conception." 

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