The Fertility Checklist

The Fertility Checklist - a quick 5 minute survey you can complete to begin understanding the areas of your health that affect your fertility.


At Acubalance, we’ve been working with people trying to conceive healthy babies for over 20 years (Since 2000). In that time, we’ve seen a lot of similarities among our patients who have fertility struggles and we want to help you avoid them.


Download and fill out the fertility checklist attached below
Then bring with you the filled copy to your next appointment at Acubalance - we’re happy to discuss with you why the things you’ve flagged may impact your fertility and (best of all) how to investigate and work toward balancing them so you can reach your peak fertility potential.
Lean more about what our naturopathic physicians offer in comprehensive fertility and well-being testing as well as solutions to address the imbalances that can be negatively impacting your health and fertility potential.
Read more about our Fertility Audit, how we look for the underlying cause(s) behind your inability to conceive or carry to full term.
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