Duntao (Sophie) Ma

BC Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner

Sophie is a trilingual Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with over 20 years of experience across China, Japan and Canada. Specialized in acupuncture, herbal prescription and TCM techniques, clients most often come to her for chronic pain management, gynaecology, and anti-aging concerns. 

Sophie takes a holistic approach to healing through treating the whole body instead of solely focusing on the problem area. This supports the evaluation and treatment of root causes instead of symptoms and provides a personalized experience for each client. She encourages her clients to be actively involved in their personal journey to better health and help integrate preventative herbal medicine for long term health benefitsClients often benefit from improving their overall health and well-being in addition to their initial concerns.

Born in China, Sophie graduated from Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University Hospital with top distinction. She moved to Japan post-graduation, where she practiced at the IMAI clinic and was also an adviser at the Beijing TCM Japan branch in Tokyo. In 2005, she relocated to Vancouver, Canada where she specialized in acupuncture and obtained the TCM certification. She is currently a PhD candidate for acupuncture at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the supervision of Master Ronggang Li based in Vancouver. As part of the PHD program, she visits China to engage in extensive training while immersing herself in the local hospitals to learn techniques at the forefront of TCM.  

Sophie is a free spirit, a dancer and an avid swimmer. She enjoys playing the guqin, an ancient Chinese instrument, and loves to cook for the enjoyment of her family and friends.