Bronwyn Melville


Bronwyn Melville is a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After completing an English degree at the University of Calgary, she attended the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, graduating from the program in 2002.

Bronwyn’s previous practice was with the Westside Midwives, where she worked primarily with pregnancy-related conditions such as nausea, fatigue, eczema, high blood pressure, cervical ripening and the usual aches and pains of pregnancy. Her career has spanned various other settings as well. For the past 3 years, she has worked in a physiotherapy clinic focused primarily on orthopedic medicine. Concurrent with a private practice, she has had a contract with the PHS Community Services Society in the downtown eastside of Vancouver for almost ten years, where she treats patients with various conditions, including addictions, injuries, HIV, and mental illness. Furthermore, at BC Women’s Hospital in partnership with the University of BC, Bronwyn worked from 2005-2008 on a study performing acupuncture on chemically dependant pregnant women.