Great birth experience - acupuncture for pregnancy and birth support

Hi, Raeghan,

I'm sorry I missed my appointment last Friday, but we were at BC Women's napping after the birth at the time. Rafiq was born at 1:53 am Friday, and it was 10:30 pm Thursday when we got to the hospital (at 7 cm dilation, yay!) so it was all pretty efficient. I had the booklet and the stick-on needles you'd given me in my hospital bag but was too in the zone to pull them out and figure out where to stick them. I'd planned on reading that booklet Thursday but got distracted by labour. :)

Using Moxibustion and acupuncture to turn breech baby

I came to the clinic in early September, 2010, when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. She was diagnosed as breech by my midwife and I was encouraged to try Moxibustion treatment to turn her. My first child, a son, was an undiagnosed breech presentation and I had to undergo an emergency cesarean section for his birth in November, 2007. Having had a negative birth experience and not wanting to undergo major abdominal surgery for a second time, I was happy to try moxibustion. The treatment was complimented by acupuncture.

Dribbling urine stopped and fabulous vaginal delivery thanks to acupuncture

I came to see Dr. Emilie Salomons after a difficult labour with my first child. Originally I came for help with my lack of breast milk, but once that was addressed and I was producing ample milk, we turned to other pressing symptoms. The birth left me weak and I was told I had "pelvic floor weakness." I was dribbling urine with the slightest abdominal pressure and I felt a sagging sensation in my pelvis. With acupuncture, I have been able to feel my pelvic floor muscles strengthen dramatically.

Sincere thanks and gratitude for your help increasing milk supply

I wish to thank you, Lorne and Spence, for your help during my twin pregnancy. I credit the acupuncture treatments and support with managing the initial symptoms and then having an almost  symptom-free twin pregnancy. As you know, I had no previous experience with acupuncture when I was referred to the clinic by our fertility specialist. We had a lot of confidence in her expertise and decided to follow through on her recommendation. We are very grateful that we did.

Threatened Miscarriage

In the thirteenth week of my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, I woke up in the middle of the night bleeding heavily. A trip to the ER revealed the baby was still miraculously alive, but I had a large subchorionic hematoma ("bruise") on my placenta. The ob/gyn told me "I'm not sure which way things will go." After a couple more weeks of heavy bleeding and bedrest, a friend encouraged me to return to Acubalance. I was amazed at the confidence and hope Ryan provided. I was even more amazed when, from weeks 16-20, with acupuncture treatments, the hematoma resolved itself.

Breech Baby Success!

It works, believe me! I was terrified of having a doctor "turn" my baby. I was worried about all sorts of things... I really wanted my baby to turn itself. I did the moxa treatment with Dr. Brown and at home did it myself. I felt a little "new age" but the day the baby turned, I felt it. It wasn't too bad and I was so happy he did it on his own!!

Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

I had suffered for the first four months of my pregnancy with severe back pain. I could not sit for longer than three minutes without needing to stand up or lie down due to the discomfort in my back. Eating-out became a nightmare and I often would have to stand as I could not sit down at all. I even had to stretch-out on the floor of my office - my back hurt like hell. I had tried chiropractic care and massage therapy and neither gave me enough relief. My midwife suggested I go see Lorne Brown for acupuncture.

I had a very positive experience with using acupuncture to induce my labour

I had a very positive experience with using acupuncture to induce my labour. I decided to use acupuncture because it is less intrusive and a more natural method than the hormone/drug-induced labor. After waiting one week past my due date, I began treatment with Lorne. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease as Lorne clearly explained all procedures and their desired results. I required only three of the possible five treatments to induce my labour. After the first session, I felt mild contractions. A day after my third treatment, my labor began.


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