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Our Story For the (literally) Wonderful Folks at Acubalance

Our daughter was two and was longing to have a sibling. Certainly that was our plan too but Mama Nature seemed to be hitting a stumbling block. Month after month we became more aware of our increasing ages; the warnings of dangerously easy pregnancy that we are all told at 16 no longer applied now that we were both 38.

For more than two years, my wife and I struggled with our inability to conceive naturally

We underwent the standard series of available medical tests only to learn that the reasons for our infertility were solely male related. More specifically, morphology, motility and overall counts were all well below the established thresholds for successful natural conception. An examination by an urologist (which included an ultrasound to rule out Variocele) failed to identify any treatable factors affecting sperm production etc....

There is hope....

After my wife and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive for two years, we were faced with the daunting prospect of finding out "why"? Through a series of tests, it was determined that my sperm morphology was a likely culprit. Thus began my adventure with Spence Pentland and the Acubalance team.

After trying for six months for our 1st child

After trying for 6 months for our 1st child, and finding out there was no obvious medical reason for not being able to conceive, my husband and I felt there would be no harm in speaking to Lorne Brown in Vancouver about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.